E-learning videos, webinars and training to get you off to the best possible start with SmartProcess

The e-learning videos and live webinars enable quick training for SmartProcess.

E-learning process management and document management

The e-learning videos provide a quick introduction to the use of SmartProcess. The videos cover the topics of basics, process modeling, organization chart, document management, approval workflow, reporting, catalogs and settings for process management.

Please note that our current range of e-learning videos is only available in German. We therefore recommend that you take part in an individual seminar (online webinar).


Individual seminars

We offer you individual online seminars on SmartProcess for the applications Process Management, Workflow Management, Complaint Management, Audit, Measures and Risk Management. The seminars enable you to use the software to its full extent.

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Tutorial for viewers and process users

The tutorial focuses on the process and document user. It shows the login, the personalized start page, processes and documents, full text search, participation with comments and feedback and participation in the approval workflow.

Thumbnail tutorial workflow cases
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Tutorial for workflow cases

In this tutorial, we would like to show you the functions for processing workflow cases. We show you how to create cases and edit cases in a workflow.

Live webinars for process management and document management

We offer live webinars in German at regular intervals. These webinars are modularly structured. If you are interested in participating and the current dates, please send us a request via the request button or look directly on the German page at: www.cwa.de/training

Our live webinars build on each other, so we recommend all modules of a topic. For advanced learners, it also makes sense to only take part in individual modules. The webinars teach the skills to improve processes with CWA SmartProcess. We will also be happy to answer your questions in the live webinars.

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