Skills Management Software SmartProcess

With SmartProcess, you can manage qualifications and plan and deliver training with one workflow.

Transparent planning of qualifications and training

With the skills management software SmartProcess you plan and monitor the qualifications for employees and roles. You always have an overview of existing and required skills and qualifications. The system supports you in securing the necessary skills and qualifications for your processes.

In addition to managing skills and qualifications, SmartProcess offers the advantage that employees can create training requests and forward them as a workflow for approval. It is also very easy to manage training courses. The qualification management and training management is optimally covered in the qualification management software.

Manage qualifications easily

You can easily manage the qualifications and skills for employees. The qualifications can be taken directly from a training course. In the qualification management software, qualifications from a process role are synchronized directly with an employee’s qualification profile. The qualifications required to execute a process are controlled automatically.


Transparent reports and qualification matrix

SmartProcess offers comprehensive reports in the qualification management software. All employee qualifications are presented transparently in a qualification matrix. The qualification matrix gives you a quick overview of the status of all qualifications and their distribution within the company. You can flexibly create reports as diagrams and lists. With the reports and the qualification matrix, you can easily identify qualification requirements and display qualified employees.


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