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SmartProcess supports you from process visualization to workflow automation


Business Process Management Software and Quality Management Software SmartProcess

SmartProcess can be used flexibly as BPM software for the topics of business process management, workflow automation and quality management.

You can model processes according to the BPMN notation and create documents for your quality management system. With the workflow functions and sample solutions you have the possibility to automate your processes. SmartProcess is your key to improving your processes.

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Business Process Management Software (BPMS) for processes, workflows and quality management

SmartProcess supports companies in establishing an efficient management system. In addition to process management and quality management functions, SmartProcess also enables the automation of processes using workflow functions. The ISO 9001:2015 standard is optimally supported.

The SmartProcess process management solution enables the simple creation and publication of process maps, process descriptions, documents, key data, and risks. All of the necessary information for process management and quality management can be presented extremely easily.

Process modelling and the generation of process descriptions can be carried out directly through a browser in the process management software. The process management and BPM software automatically shows users their assigned processes, and informs users if a process has changed. Users can very rapidly recognize changes to a new process description via a graphic version comparison. This is how process management software always ensures that users work using valid documents.

The business process management software also automatically displays which standard requirements are covered by which processes. If a new process or a new document is published, a read receipt is automatically requested from the process participants. One particular advantage is that the process management software not only processes documentation, but also enables the processes to be set up in an automated workflow. As a result, process documentation becomes more dynamic and optimizes your processes.

SmartProcess also features workflow control that enables the automation of unstructured electronic processes that are based on e-mails or decentralized task lists. In addition to workflow-based transaction control for tasks and forms, SmartProcess offers functions such as e-mail integration, escalation management, and reports in order to optimize business processes. Processes can be defined in a user-friendly manner using the Web-based process designer. You can reduce costs and improve editing times by controlling processes.

Documents can be edited directly via check-in and check-out. Document management functions make document management convenient.