Action Management Software SmartProcess

SmartProcess supports you in the central tracking of actions. The measures are assigned automatically via a workflow.

Distribute and track measures transparently as a workflow

CWA SmartProcess offers the opportunity to process measures and tasks in teams in a structured and transparent manner and to achieve continuous improvements. The action management software CWA SmartProcess provides a central overview of all actions in the company. Automatic notification of new measures is sent via a task list in the browser and by e-mail. Intelligent workflow functions enable structured action management.

Workflow control of measures

You can use the Process Designer to flexibly plan your action sequence. The input masks can also be flexibly designed for your measure management. For an immediate start, you can also use a standard workflow for action management. The workflow guides the user through the processing of measures.


Recording and processing of measures

Measures can be easily and intuitively recorded, edited and interactively controlled as a workflow in the measure management software via a web browser. CWA SmartProcess supports the serial and parallel processing and forwarding of measures.


Transparent task list

In the task list, you can see all measures in the company transparently. The measures can be called up by user and group with the corresponding user rights in the measures software. The dates are also displayed. The task list can be flexibly configured for task management. The tasks can be called up in the task list or via a link in an e-mail.


Mobile Web App

Measures and tasks can be processed flexibly on the move. The mobile web app offers you an optimal interface for measures and tasks. You can quickly and easily add a photo to measures. The measures software gives you an overview of all measures and deadlines on the move and in the office.


Extensive evaluations in the measures software

CWA SmartProcess has extensive evaluations for action management. It can be evaluated for each form field and according to various criteria such as number, processing time and costs. You can also create standard reports very easily in the measure management software.


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