Test Equipment Management Software SmartProcess

With SmartProcess, you can easily manage test equipment, monitor deadlines and create test orders.

Manage test equipment and monitor deadlines automatically

CWA SmartProcess is characterized by workflow-based control in test equipment management. The workflow automatically reminds you to monitor test equipment when deadlines are due. The current users of the test equipment are automatically notified whether a piece of test equipment needs to be checked, who is responsible for checking or calibrating it and what needs to be done. The CWA SmartProcess software provides you with optimum support in test equipment management and test equipment administration.

Flexible workflow control and input masks

With the integrated process designer, we have already defined a practice-oriented workflow for test equipment management that guides you step by step through the process. Of course, SmartProcess gives you flexibility in test equipment management. You can also flexibly change the workflow or the input masks.


Transparent overview and dates

You can see all test equipment transparently in the task list in the test equipment management software. You can see which dates are coming up and where the test equipment is being used. The test equipment list can be configured flexibly.


Simple processing in the test equipment software

Workflow control greatly simplifies processing. The test equipment software guides you through the system. All information on the test equipment is clearly displayed. You can generate test orders directly from the master data. You can send inspection orders directly from the system to internal or external service providers.


Flexible evaluations

You can flexibly evaluate your test equipment in the CWA SmartProcess test equipment management software. The evaluation fields and filters are flexibly adjustable. Standard reports can also be individually defined in the test equipment software. With CWA SmartProcess, you always have a transparent overview of all test equipment.


Functions of the test equipment management software

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