Onboarding Software SmartProcess

With SmartProcess, you can automate your onboarding for new employees quickly and easily.

Perform onboarding transparently with a workflow

With the SmartProcess onboarding software from CWA, you can control the entire employee induction process. Accompany all phases of the onboarding process, from preboarding to orientation and integration. While the person responsible for onboarding can view the overall progress of the process at any time, the tasks to be carried out can be assigned to different people who can implement them in parallel and without delay. Automated notifications ensure that all tasks are completed on time.

Onboarding process guided by a workflow

The standard onboarding workflow is ready for immediate use. Once the new employee’s contract has been signed, all necessary activities can be prepared and distributed to ensure a smooth introduction of the employee. With the integrated e-mail function, it is also possible to communicate with the new employee directly from the process at any time.

If required, SmartProcess as onboarding software offers the option of adding further activities to the workflow in the process designer or editing the sequence of tasks.


Recording and processing of onboarding processes

When the onboarding process is created in the SmartProcess onboarding software, all the necessary actions and responsibilities are defined centrally. In addition to the personal mentor, determine, among other things, who is responsible for recording the employee in the HR department, which work equipment must be procured and which IT setups must be made. Everything conveniently in a clearly arranged input mask.

After recording, the defined tasks in the onboarding software are distributed in parallel to the various SmartProcess users, allowing them to complete their respective tasks independently of each other. By displaying the assigned task in a targeted manner, each user keeps the focus on the information that is relevant for completing their own task.

These input masks can be adapted to your individual requirements in the form designer of the SmartProcess onboarding software.


Clear activity list in the onboarding software

The person responsible for monitoring onboarding can use the status in the onboarding software to see which phase of onboarding is currently in progress at any time.

With a glance at the onboarding software’s activity list, it is also possible to track which distributed tasks have already been completed and which are currently still to be processed. The display of the activity list can be flexibly adapted to the user’s needs so that an overview is always maintained.


Extensive evaluations

SmartProcess has extensive evaluations for onboarding. It can be evaluated after each form field and according to various criteria in the onboarding software. You can also create standard reports very easily and generate them as PDFs, for example.


Mobile Web App

Onboarding processes can also be viewed or edited at any time via the mobile web app. As onboarding software, SmartProcess also offers an optimal user interface on mobile devices for monitoring employee inductions. If required, any number of photos or attachments can also be added to the SmartProcess onboarding software via the web app – it couldn’t be simpler.

SmartProcess gives you an overview of all onboarding processes on the move and in the office.



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