Supplier Qualification Software SmartProcess

With the Supplier Qualification workflow, you simplify and structure the intake of suppliers. Gain a high level of transparency by capturing supplier data digitally and releasing suppliers as a workflow.

Use a workflow template for your supplier qualification

The workflow template for supplier qualification provides you with flexible supplier qualification software. You can create the supplier and send a form to the supplier digitally. The supplier simply enters his data in the form. You have an overview of the supplier data and the status of the supplier at all times. SmartProcess supports you with the workflow for entering supplier data. In the supplier qualification software, you qualify suppliers using a structured process.

Qualify suppliers

SmartProcess enables the workflow-controlled recording and management of supplier data. As suppliers enter their data directly into an Internet form, the data is immediately and transparently visible to you and manual redundant entry is not necessary. You can release the supplier via the workflow and the supplier automatically receives the result of the evaluation.

Supplier documents such as certificates can also be transferred digitally. The entire process is optimized with the workflow in the supplier qualification software.


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