CAPA Software SmartProcess

SmartProcess helps you centrally process and control corrective and preventive actions to achieve sustainable improvements.

CAPA - Systematically process corrective and preventive actions as a workflow

As CAPA software, CWA SmartProcess offers the option of systematically investigating any deviations or errors that occur and implementing corrective action and preventive action. The CAPA software makes it possible to eliminate deviations from requirements in accordance with ISO 13485, document them completely and ensure that they do not occur again.

Automatic notification of new CAPAs takes place via a task list in the web-based application and by e-mail. Intelligent workflow functions enable structured and strategic CAPA management.

Guided workflow control for the processing of CAPA

The standard workflow for CAPA is ready for immediate use. The workflow guides the user through the recording of an error or deviation and supports the creation of corrective and remedial actions, which can be easily forwarded to the responsible processors.

If required, the workflow can be adapted as required using the Process Designer. And the input forms can also be flexibly adapted to your needs.


CAPA recording and processing

CAPAs can be recorded, edited and interactively controlled as a workflow quickly, easily and intuitively in the SmartProcess CAPA software via a web browser. SmartProcess supports the simultaneous processing of corrective and preventive measures and automatically notifies users by e-mail when new tasks are received.


Clear list of activities

All CAPA task steps are clearly displayed in the activity list and defined corrective or preventive measures that have been sent to other users for implementation can be transparently tracked and monitored. The activity list can be flexibly configured and adjusted to your needs.


Mobile Web App

CAPAs and the resulting tasks and measures can be processed flexibly on the move. The mobile web app offers you an optimal interface for CAPAs, measures and tasks. You can quickly and easily add CAPAs or corrective and preventive measures with a photo. The CAPA software gives you an overview of all CAPAs, measures and deadlines both on the move and in the office.


Extensive evaluations in the measures software

CWA SmartProcess has extensive evaluations for CAPA management. It can be evaluated for each form field and according to various criteria such as number, processing time and category. You can also create standard reports very easily in the CAPA software and generate them as PDFs, for example.



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