Consulting for process management, workflow, quality management and ISO 9001

The optimal design and automation of processes offers companies a decisive competitive advantage. CWA is your competent partner for quality management, process management, ISO 9001 and customer service. We support you in the design of consistent and stable processes with SmartProcess.

Advice on designing processes and workflows with SmartProcess

We support you in the design of workflows and the optimal use of SmartProcess to improve your processes.

We have many years of experience in consulting and many successful projects.
Specialist knowledge

We have extensive expertise in the areas of process management, QM and workflow automation

CWA SmartProcess
With the SmartProcess software, we can provide you with optimum support for modeling and automating your processes.

Consulting for process management, workflow management and ISO 9001

Process management is a key issue in more and more companies in order to improve competitiveness. Process management involves designing and controlling end-to-end processes. Departmental boundaries are overcome and improvements achieved. Process management enables you to meet external customer requirements such as ISO 9001 certification. Process management is also the basis for automated, reliable and error-free business processes. CWA offers you competent support in the areas of process management, workflow management, quality management and ISO 9001. If you want to automate the process as a workflow, we model the processes as a workflow and configure input masks so that the processes are automated.

Consulting for complaint management

Well-organized processes in  complaint management and the 8D report are the basis for optimal customer service and improvement measures. However, there are a few points to consider when organizing optimal complaint management. The complaint management and 8D report process must therefore be optimized and automated as far as possible in order to achieve efficient and stable processes for the company and the customer. In addition to process design and customer orientation, the focus is of course also on employees. Only with motivated employees can you achieve a positive mood with customers in the event of a complaint. CWA offers you expert advice on designing processes complaint management and 8D reporting.

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