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SmartProcess supports your quality management system for processes, documents, audit, complaints and other applications.

Create processes and documents and automate QM procedures with workflows

As innovative QM software, SmartProcess offers functions for process management, quality management, complaints management and workflow management. With the SmartProcess quality management software, you can model processes and publish them easily for employees. The QM software offers complete document management. You can carry out audits with the quality management software and achieve improvements with measures. The workflow functions of the QM software allow you to flexibly organize the processing of procedures such as complaints and measures and to automate processes. SmartProcess supports you in covering various standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. We offer you practical examples and sample processes for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

SmartProcess at a glance

Modeling processes and creating process descriptions

Model processes with BPMN notation and describe them with all important information

Create documents and publish them with an approval workflow

Conveniently manage and version documents and control them with a release workflow.

QM applications such as audit and complaints with workflow functions

Standard workflows such as audit, measures, complaints, test equipment and individual workflows

Manage qualifications and plan and conduct training courses

Transparent qualification matrix and controlled training planning and implementation

Transparent process maps

In the SmartProcess QM software, you can display your main processes transparently in a process map. The main processes are automatically linked to the underlying processes. The process maps in the SmartProcess quality management software make connections visible and improve understanding of end-to-end processes.


Process modeling and easy access to published process descriptions

You can model processes easily and consistently with BPMN notation in the quality management software. The BPMN notation with its swimlane representation provides a very good overview of the processes and responsibilities. With SmartProcess, you have many options for improving your processes. The processes can be described completely and user-friendly with the QM software.

In the QM software, you can define key figures, record and evaluate actual values. The target/actual comparison is displayed transparently using charts and a traffic light display.

A major advantage is the personalized view of the published process descriptions. This allows users to see the processes they are responsible for and be informed of changes in a targeted manner. The QM software also provides functions for managing the organization chart.


Manage documents and publish them with an approval workflow

As quality management software, SmartProcess offers extensive functions for managing documents. You can easily create the documents and edit them directly in the QM software via Check In / Check Out. SmartProcess includes automatic versioning. You can also control validity periods and are automatically informed when a validity period expires. SmartProcess also supports the consistent linking of multilingual documents. You can use the approval workflow to approve and publish documents in a controlled manner. The documents are automatically assigned a document number. So that the uniqueness of the documents is fulfilled. Personalized, the document user always has quick access to his documents in the QM software.


Audit, measures, test equipment, CAPA and risk management

SmartProcess offers standard workflows for audits, measures, test equipment, FMEA and risk management. A central questionnaire is available for planning audits. The questions can be answered quickly and easily in the web-based application or in a mobile web app. In the quality management software, you can create a measure directly when a finding is made.

The centralized and integrated control of measures in the QM software enables targeted quality improvements. You can use the workflow functions to flexibly design the input masks and the processing sequence. Extensive evaluation functions for improvements are available for the measures.

Further information on the topics of measures, CAPA, test equipment, FMEA and risk management on the solution pages:


Process complaints as a workflow in the QM software

Complaints and grievances can be processed easily and in a controlled manner with the QM software. You can customize the complaint process flexibly in the Workflow Designer and input masks can be defined flexibly. Standard workflows are available for processing complaints, enabling rapid deployment. You can create measures for complaints in the QM software. With the e-mail functions, you can send an e-mail to customers or suppliers directly from a complaint. Incoming e-mails from customers and suppliers are automatically assigned to a complaint in the quality management software. SmartProcess also offers extensive evaluation functions for analyses and improvements.


Recognize training needs and plan qualifications and training courses

You can easily and transparently identify training needs with the QM software. You can create a qualification profile for each employee, in which you can clearly view all qualifications and certificates. The qualification matrix also provides a very good overview. You automatically see the employee’s assigned processes and documents in the qualification matrix. You can simply confirm with the employee whether they are qualified to carry out the processes. For new processes and documents, employees can also confirm themselves whether they have read the process descriptions and documents. The quality management software also offers numerous functions for training planning and implementation.

Workflows offer numerous possibilities in quality management software

With the SmartProcess QM software, you can flexibly automate today’s manual processes. You can carry out processes and approval procedures such as requirement notifications or training requests online as a workflow and always have a transparent overview of all processing statuses. The input masks and workflows can be flexibly defined in the quality management software.

The workflow functions enable the automation of many business processes.


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Suitable licenses and applications
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Cloud solution with hosting in Germany
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