Software for an integrated management system (IMS software) SmartProcess

SmartProcess supports you in implementing an integrated management system in accordance with various standards and requirements.

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With SmartProcess as a software solution for an Integrated Management System (IMS), you can bundle your process requirements and competencies in a comprehensible and attractive way on a central platform. This not only saves costs for redundant software, but also time and valuable personnel resources for the management of the individual areas. The integrated approach can prevent multiple documentation and, with the SmartProcess IMS software, provide a centralized certification platform that helps to unlock synergies.

SmartProcess can be the central point of contact for all persons and interest groups in the company for questions relating to all components of the integrated management system. And when all the data is finally merged in the IMS software, the comprehensive reporting function allows company processes to be evaluated holistically, laying the foundation for any future improvements.

The starting point for an integrated management system such as SmartProcess is often the desire to map the requirements from several sets of rules or standards together. Whether ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or ISO 13485: the comprehensive process designer allows processes to be modeled in different levels of detail simply by dragging and dropping them into the browser. You can manage supplementary or stand-alone documents clearly in document management. Processes and documents are automatically versioned by the IMS software, which means that you are always secure and audit-proof in your day-to-day work.

Integrated management system with SmartProcess

The process-oriented approach of SmartProcess focuses on process maps and process descriptions. The processes must be modeled in the IMS software using the process designer according to the BPMN notation. Many of the requirements placed on an integrated management system can come together here. As the system has a modular structure, you can start with selected focal points such as the creation of process descriptions in the IMS software and add other options such as the processing of measures, key figures and risks later if required.


Workflows support the integrated management system

Processes such as the processing of complaints, measures, key figures, opportunities and risks can also be automated as a workflow independently of the process documentation. This enables the controlled and automated processing of individual processes in the integrated management software.


Main functions in the IMS software

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