8D Report Software SmartProcess

With SmartProcess, you can process complaints in a structured way using the 8D method and evaluate them in a variety of ways.

Control 8D measures automatically as a workflow

As 8D report software, CWA SmartProcess offers an easy way to process an 8D report and complaints in a structured manner. The 8D report offers companies the opportunity to analyze and permanently eliminate problems and complaints. A sample 8D workflow is already available in CWA SmartProcess for intelligent processing, which automates processing and optimally fulfills external requirements.


Individual requirements can be covered flexibly thanks to the flexible process designer. With the web-based workflow functions, an 8D report can be managed internally and across locations for teams and users. CWA SmartProcess can also be used as a portal for customers and suppliers with special user rights.

CWA SmartProcess supports the following 8D report functions:

In CWA SmartProcess you can flexibly process different types of complaints. CWA SmartProcess makes it transparent when a deadline with which escalation level was exceeded in an 8D report. The system has extensive evaluations.

Further information: Solutions page for processing complaints

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