Suggestion and idea management software SmartProcess

With the Improvement Suggestions workflow, you digitize your company suggestion system. Due to the simple process, the workflow is understandable for all participants and all ideas are controlled in a central idea management software.

Workflow template Suggestion system and idea management

With the improvement suggestion workflow template, every user has the possibility to suggest an internal improvement. Attachments with concepts can be easily added to the improvement proposal in the suggestion management software and idea management software by drag & drop. The SmartProcess software supports the entire workflow in the suggestion management system, from the entry of an improvement suggestion to the evaluation and determination of the reward payment.

Capture and evaluate ideas

After completing the input mask, the suggestion is first checked by your central idea management office and forwarded to a reviewer in the suggestion management and idea management software.

If the reviewer evaluates the proposal positively, he or she can create an action for implementation directly in the suggestion management and idea management software. In addition, if the evaluation is positive, the reviewer can set a reward for the idea submitter to meet the legal requirement for awards for business improvement suggestions.

On the one hand, the submitter of the improvement can track the progress directly in the suggestion management and idea management software and, on the other hand, is informed by e-mails about the receipt of the improvement suggestion and its evaluation.


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