Plan, monitor, and perform maintenance easily with one workflow

SmartProcess supports you in the central planning of maintenance. The workflow controls the maintenance orders automatically.


Guided workflow control for maintenance planning and processing

The standard workflow in the maintenance software can be used immediately. The workflow guides the user through the creation of an object and the associated maintenance and maintenance orders. Each maintenance can be planned individually, for example once or recurring. As soon as maintenance is due, the responsible agent is automatically informed in the maintenance management software about the maintenance to be performed and can document the maintenance result in the process. In this way, a detailed overview of all maintenance already performed and planned is possible at any time.

As maintenance software, SmartProcess offers the option of adapting the workflow as required using the process designer. And the input forms can also be flexibly adapted to your needs.

Clear activity list in the maintenance software

In the activity list, all planned and performed maintenance is clearly displayed in the form of a maintenance plan in the maintenance software. The display of the activity list can be flexibly adapted to the user’s needs so that the overview is always maintained. The list can be used to see when the last maintenance was performed and what the result of the maintenance is. If required, the maintenance plan in the maintenance management software can be exported or printed directly from the case at any time.


Extensive evaluations

CWA SmartProcess has extensive evaluations for maintenance management. It can be evaluated according to each form field and according to various criteria such as number, frequency and category in the maintenance software. You can also create standard reports very easily in the maintenance management software and generate them as PDFs, for example.

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