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Consulting - Process Management, Workflow, QM and ISO 9001

The optimal design and automation of processes offers companies a decisive competitive advantage. CWA is your competent partner for quality management, process management, ISO 9001 and customer service.
We support you in designing consistent and stable processes.
Our consulting includes the design of business processes and the corresponding optimization with IT solutions.

Our expertise


We have more than 15 years of experience in consulting and many successful Projects.


We have extensive expertise in process management, QM and workflow automation

CWA SmartProcess

With the software CWA SmartProcess we can optimally support you in modeling and automating your processes.

Our consulting services

We analyse your processes in a workshop or in interviews. We develop process improvements and document the results in meaningful presentations and specifications. When it comes to process management, you receive a detailed process description that can be used for QM and ISO 9001.

We offer the CWA SmartProcess software especially for process management, CAQ, complaint management, 8D report and complaint management, workflow management to model and automate processes.

We offer a complete implementation service for the introduction of CWA SmartProcess. If desired, we model the processes for process management directly in the CWA SmartProcess and configure the system.

If you want to automate the process as a workflow, we model the processes as a workflow and configure input masks so that the processes are automated.

Workflow modeling can be performed directly in the workshop. In the workshop you will gain the knowledge to model new processes and workflows at any time. In addition to our consulting services and software solutions, we also offer training courses.

Consulting – Process management and ISO 9001

Process management is a central topic in more and more companies in order to improve their competitiveness. In process management, integrated processes are designed and controlled. Departmental boundaries are overcome and improvements achieved.

Process management enables you to meet external customer requirements such as ISO 9001 certification. Furthermore, process management is the basis for automated, reliable and error-free business processes.

CWA offers you competent support in the areas of process management, quality management, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001.

We have been active in process management and quality management for more than 15 years. We can provide you with consultants who have already led many companies to successful ISO 9001 certification and to optimal processes.

Consulting – Complaint management and 8D-Report

Well-organized processes are the basis for optimum customer service and improvement measures in complaints management, complaints management and the 8D report.

However, there are a number of points to consider when organising optimum complaint management and complaint management. Thus, the process in complaint management and 8D reporting can be optimally and largely automated in order to achieve efficient and stable processes for the company and for the customer.

In addition to process design and customer orientation, the focus is of course also on the employees. Only with motivated employees can you create a positive atmosphere in the event of a customer complaint.

CWA offers you competent advice for the design of processes in complaint management, complaint management and the 8D report.

For more than 15 years we have been defining complaint processes in a wide variety of industries. Especially for the 8D-Report in the automotive industry we have developed methods how you can automate the entire processing as a workfow from the analysis of the cause of the error to the control of preventive measures.

Normally, we define the complaint process together with the users in order to achieve very good acceptance and a high level of process knowledge among the employees.

Consulting – CAQ and Quality Management

CAQ – Computer Aided Quality Assurance stands for computer-aided quality assurance. In addition to software, CAQ also includes the application of methods and processes. For example, the process and standard requirements play an important role in the processing of FMEAs or audits. This often concerns the question of who processes which measures and tasks and when.

With our many years of experience in all relevant CAQ topics, we support you in the introduction and application of CAQ systems.

In CAQ, together with the users, we define processes and rules that control, for example, who processes which FMEA or audit measures or who is responsible for which tasks and deadlines. Or how improvement measures can be initiated and controlled automatically from an audit or a complaint.

CWA supports the topic of CAQ throughout. Here we see the focus on the implementation of integrated processes and the introduction of improvements. We also support you in project implementation and training.