Control complaints via workflow

CWA SmartProcess complaint management software for satisfied customers

CWA SmartProcess supports your company flexibly as a complaint software to achieve first-class customer service and optimal processing. With CWA SmartProcess, it is possible to increase customer satisfaction with a transparent complaint management and to improve the service and the processes. With the workflow functions, the complaint software CWA SmartProcess is able to achieve decisive competitive advantages. You can automate the processing of complaints management software.

CWA SmartProcess at a glance

Easy to edit

Guided and easy handling of complaints

Workflow control

Workflows automate the handling of complaints

Flexible masks

Input masks and fields are freely definable

100% web-based

Handling complaints directly in the Web browser

Sample Workflows

Sample workflows for quick introduction

E-mail integration

Sending and receiving emails about a complaint and letter, fax and SMS

Fast Processing

The workflow control allows faster processing of the


Reports and the display of repetition problems enable improvements

Workflows automate the handling of complaints

The Workflow Designer is used to plan the complaint process. CWA also offers sample workflows that control practice-oriented complaints. With the sample workflows the complaint management software can be used quickly. When handling complaints, the correct measures are displayed based on the workflow.

Transparent overview of all complaints and dates

In the task list, you can see all complaints per user and group in a transparent manner. Complaints can be forwarded to other users.

The task list in the complaint management software is flexibly configurable. The complaint software CWA SmartProcess makes transparent when an appointment is exceeded at which escalation level. The complaint software supports professional escalation management. A reliable Beantwortwung of complaints is thus achieved.

Quickly record complaints

The complaints can be quickly created in the complaint software. The input mask is freely definable for the complaint management. Through contact management, you have direct access to customers, suppliers and external partners. The contacts and products can be automatically imported into the complaint management software from other systems. You can also automatically record a complaint via a contact form on the Internet or an incoming e-mail.

Communication via web, e-mail, fax, SMS, Letter

CWA SmartProcess supports all communication channels in complaint management. You can easily create an email with text templates directly from a complaint. You can also create a fax, text message or letter quickly and easily in the complaint software. The use of text templates enables standardized and professional contact with customers, suppliers and partners.

Easily edit complaints

CWA SmartProcess supports you in the processing. The individual processing steps show the complaint management software interactively to the user. In this way, the user is safely controlled by a workflow by editing. With CWA SmartProcess You can achieve a standardized and easy handling of complaints. The entire history of a complaint is clearly displayed in the complaint software.

Reports enable improvements

The complaint software CWA SmartProcess allows transparent evaluations. You can evaluate flexibly according to different criteria and fields. You can also define standard reports flexibly. You can also set the complaint management software to send you time-controlled and automatic reports via e-mail. CWA SmartProcess makes improvements possible.

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Online presentation

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Features in complaint software

  • Full web-based complaints management software
  • Handling Complaints and service requests
  • Workflow control of measures
  • Parallel control of complaints management appeals
  • Authorization control for suppliers and customers
  • Import of external Web and contact forms for the automatic creation of complaints
  • E-mail integration-Sending and reading of opinions
  • Automatic creation of a complaint from an e-mail
  • Automatic assignment of a customer contact from an e-mail
  • Flexible definition of letter formats
  • Standardized reply text templates
  • Classification by Problem catalogue
  • Management of plants and images
  • Suppliers can enter their response directly into a Web form
  • Automatic display of retry problems
  • Acquisition and evaluation of costs and throughput times
  • Free definition of processes and masks for complaint management
  • Date tracking, escalation management and reminders
  • Integrated evaluations and reporting with freely definable criteria
  • MS Excel Report Designer for individual reports
  • Automatic import of contacts and products from other systems