Complaint Management Software SmartProcess

Use SmartProcess to process complaints in a structured manner with a workflow.

Simply process complaints as a workflow

With CWA SmartProcess as your complaints software, you can control all measures for processing and analyzing complaints in complaints management. The workflow-based processing of complaints and measures increases customer satisfaction and optimizes your processes. The sample workflows for complaints management enable a quick introduction of CWA SmartProcess.

Automate the complaints process as a workflow

CWA SmartProcess enables the modeling and automation of the complaints process. This allows you to control the complaints process with all measures and activities as a workflow and improve your complaints management process. Sample workflows are available for complaints management, which make it quick and easy to get started.


Simple recording and processing

With CWA SmartProcess, you can record and process the complaint quickly and easily. Complaints must be recorded in a structured manner using a catalog. Repeat complaints are displayed interactively as soon as they are entered. The measures are optimally controlled via a workflow. Data from other systems such as customers, suppliers or products are automatically available in the complaints software via the import module.

Transparent task list for complaints

You can see all complaints and deadlines transparently in the complaints software’s task list. Your group’s complaints are also visible. With the appropriate authorization, you can view all complaints in the company. The task list in the complaints management software can be configured flexibly.

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Mobile Web App

With the mobile web app, you can process complaints flexibly on the move. You can enter measures or comments on a complaint in the complaint software on the move. You can document deviations with a photo. The photo is attached directly to a complaint.


Evaluations and improvements

SmartProcess offers you comprehensive evaluations for complaint management and for CIP measures (continuous improvement process). For example, you can analyze the complaint software by customer, supplier, error type, error cause and various key figures such as number, error costs and throughput time. You can also easily create individual reports in SmartProcess. You can share the reports with other users.


SmartProcess at a glance

Workflow control

Workflows are freely definable and automate processing

Flexible masks

Input masks and fields are freely definable

100% web-based

Configuration and editing directly in the web browser

E-mail integration

Sending and receiving e-mails about a complaint

Fast Processing

The workflow control allows faster processing of the


Reports and the display of repetition problems enable improvements

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Further information

Suitable licenses and applications
Suitable licenses and applications
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Cloud solution with hosting in Germany
Cloud solution with hosting in Germany
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Optimum functions for your requirements
Optimum functions for your requirements
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CWA SmartProcess in the company

Companies often have individual complaint management processes in place. Complaints are processed in an integrated manner from various departments to the supplier. CWA SmartProcess is often used as complaints software in companies to process complaints distributed by different processors as a workflow.

As complaints management software, CWA SmartProcess supports individual and complex processes and requirements. Preconfigured solutions for complaints management are available for the industrial and automotive sectors to enable rapid implementation. The complaints software and workflow software CWA SmartProcess can be used optimally in all industries thanks to the flexible configuration of processes.

As complaints software, CWA SmartProcess enables the definition of workflows that automatically suggest measures. With CWA SmartProcess, CIP measures (continuous improvement process) can be processed and managed in teams. Complaint management with CWA SmartProcess offers companies the opportunity to analyze and permanently eliminate errors and complaints.

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