Change Management Software SmartProcess

Plan, coordinate and evaluate change requests centrally and flexibly with a workflow.

Workflow template change management

CWA SmartProcess as change management software enables you to record all change requests in the company centrally. By categorizing the urgency and scope of the impact, the correct planning or processing instance is automatically assigned. In emergencies, the responsible team (ECAB) can also be contacted directly, as provided for in the ITSM regulations.

Automated notifications ensure that change requests are always kept in view in the change management software. The web-based application provides access to the change requests at any time and from anywhere. The intuitive operation of the workflow enables structured change management.

Workflow-guided planning and processing of change requests

The standard workflow in the SmartProcess change management software can be used immediately. As a rule, a control loop is used to ensure that only changes that have been sufficiently tested are implemented and that planning is adjusted if this is not the case. Depending on the requirements, workloads can also be estimated in change planning in addition to the necessary procurements.

SmartProcess as change management software thus accompanies your company through the entire change process, from recording to documentation and evaluation.

If required, the workflow and the input forms can be adapted to your specific needs using the process and form designer.


Recording and processing change requests

All the information required to coordinate the change request is recorded in the input form to ensure the best possible planning. Thanks to the predefined selection of affected objects, change management can use SmartProcess to target the right planning instance. Editing is carried out in the web-based software via any web browser.

In addition, images or other media can be embedded directly in the text or files can be attached to the form via drag and drop.


Mobile Web App

Change requests can also be viewed or edited at any time via the mobile web app. As change management software, SmartProcess also offers an optimal user interface on mobile devices for creating, editing or simply monitoring change requests. If required, any number of photos or attachments can also be added to the change management software via the web app – it couldn’t be simpler.

You have an overview of all change requests on the move and in the office with SmartProcess change management.


Extensive evaluations

Equipped with comprehensive reporting, SmartProcess allows you to keep an eye on all activities in the area of change management software at all times. You can access all fields that are filled in during the course of the change request and output them as a report. You can also easily create standard reports and generate them as a PDF or download them as an Excel file.

If required, you can use it to provide yourself with all the key figures you need to comply with an SLA. The early detection of frequent change requests enables you to intervene quickly.



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