CAQ software SmartProcess for your quality management: The easy way to improve processes.

As CAQ* software, SmartProcess provides the basis for achieving sustainable quality improvements and meeting external requirements and standards. The SmartProcess software enables process-oriented quality management. *CAQ (Computer-aided quality assurance) refers to a subarea of quality management that uses digital technologies to optimize production processes.

Process management

You can publish processes and documents for your QM documentation in the CAQ software.


Complaint management

Workflow control allows you to optimally process complaints and measures as a workflow.


Audit management

The audit module supports the planning and implementation of audits and measures in the CAQ software.


Action management

The measures module allows you to control and track measures as a workflow.


Test equipment management

CWA SmartProcess offers workflow-controlled management of test equipment and test orders.


Maintenance management

SmartProcess offers the planning and execution of maintenance and servicing.


Skills management

With the CAQ software CWA SmartProcess, you can flexibly manage training and skills per employee.


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