Model processes and easily
publish with a workflow

Business Process Management Software (BPM Software) SmartProcess

SmartProcess is the innovative and smart BPM software for business process management, quality management and workflow management. With the business process management software, you can model and publish your processes quickly and easily. All necessary information about a process can be displayed very easily. ISO 9001:2015 is optimally supported. In addition to the modeling functions, workflow functions are also available in the BPM software to automate your processes.

SmartProcess at a glance

Simple modeling

Simple modeling of processes with BPMN notation

100% web-based

Modeling and publishing directly in the web browser


Document management and publication

Organization charts

Easy creation of organization charts

Sample processes

Sample processes for ISO 9001:2015 available

Workflow functions

Workflow functions enable automated processes and cost savings

Quality Management Modules

Optional quality modules for audits, complaints, measures, qualifications, etc.


Reports and key data for improvements

Create process maps in process management

You can very easily identify your key process management processes using process maps. The BPM software allows you to describe and publish your key processes in process maps directly in your web browser. This way, SmartProcess enables all employees to become familiar with overall structures and dependencies.

Modeling processes in the BPM software

In process management, CWA enables you to model directly within your web browser using BPMN notation. The mini symbols display makes it possible to quickly insert symbols during modelling. The business process management software allows you to directly represent elements such as documents, standards, key data, risks, roles etc. As BPM software, SmartProcess enables very easy and fast modelling.

  • Modeling directly in the browser
  • Supports the BPMN notation
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Integrated key figure management

Flexible approval workflow and version comparison

The approval workflow in the business process management software offers you many advantages. The workflow automatically controls reviews, approvals and publication. The approvals workflow can be flexibly configured. A graphical version comparison shows you changes from the previous version. The publications are immediately visible in the BPM Software via your web browser.

BPM software portal for publications

The BPM software gives users easy access to processes, documents and organisation charts. SmartProcess allows users to also see processes and tasks at a glance. Favourites give you quick access to information in the business process management  software. The targeted display of new processes and documents provides information on any changes. Users can access the BPM software in a personalized way via login or single sign-on.

Mobile web app for processes and documents

With the mobile web app, you have flexible access to published processes and documents. You can call the process descriptions and documents directly in the browser of the mobile phone or tablet. The BPM software SmartProcess offers you an optimized interface for mobile use.

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Discover more highlights

Automate processes as workflows

SmartProcess provides the option to automate processes as workflows and achieve continuous improvements. The business process management software enables intelligent editing of processes, measures, approvals, key data, audits and forms. The input masks for workflows can be flexibly defined.

Process descriptions

With the business process management software you can create easily understandable process descriptions. The process descriptions can be defined flexibly and contain the flow chart, task descriptions and images.

Fast finding

Today, employees spend a lot of time finding the right information and documents. With the full text search in the SmartProcess with auto-completion, the appropriate processes, procedures and documents are found quickly.

Feedback for improvements

SmartProcess encourages suggestions and collaboration. The feedback workflow gives users the ability to send suggestions and comments to process owners. Even editing of comments is transparently illustrated in the BPM software.

Organization charts and transparent responsibilitiescharts

SmartProcess contains a function that allows you to very easily create an organisation chart. Alignment and arrangement of symbols takes place automatically. The link between processes and tasks and organisational units and roles lets you see at a glance who does what in an organisation.

Knowledge base with Wiki functions

With the knowledge base you can use extensive Wiki functions. Wiki entries can be easily created and you can categorize knowledge in folders. The Rich Text Editor offers many features like text formatting, tables, table of contents and support for images and videos.

  • Flexible text formatting
  • Linking of categories and entries
  • Multilingual fields
  • Read and edit permissions