Simply define workflows and automate

With SmartProcess, you can automate your business processes quickly and easily.

Workflow Software SmartProcess

Today, optimized and fast processes are a significant competitive advantage and lead to considerable cost and time savings. With the workflow software and BPM software CWA SmartProcess you can flexibly model workflows and automate processes. CWA SmartProcess is a simple workflow software for the processing and control of processes, tasks and releases.

At a glance

Simple processing

Simple processing of cases, tasks, forms and approvals

Workflow Management

Simple modeling and control of workflows

Flexible forms

Digital forms and input masks are freely definable

100% web-based

Editing directly in the web browser

Simple design of workflows and forms

In the workflow software, the integrated process designer offers easy modeling of the workflows and flexible definition of input masks and digital forms. The workflow and the forms are completely freely definable in the workflow software, so that each company has its own specific workflows, forms and fields.

Workflow templates are available for many business processes, which are flexibly adaptable and enable a quick implementation….

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Task list with target date

In the definable task list, all processes, activities, inboxes, etc. are transparently visible in the workflow software.

In addition to a message in the workflow software, agents can also receive an e-mail message about new processes. Processors can open processes directly in the CWA SmartProcess or via a link in the e-mail.

Edit cases

Cases can be created manually or automatically in the workflow software. With automated creation, a workflow is automatically started, for example, when an e-mail is received or at a defined time.

The user is guided step by step through the processing. The individual processing steps of a workflow are displayed interactively.
CWA SmartProcess supports free (ad hoc workflows) and predefined processes in workflow management.

Extensive reports

The CWA SmartProcess Workflow Software has extensive evaluations. It can be evaluated after each form field and after key figures. Standard reports can be flexibly defined in the CWA SmartProcess and sent by e-mail on a time-controlled basis. The reports can be exported to MS Excel® in the BPM software and workflow software.

Mobile Web App

You can edit processes, tasks, and releases flexibly with the mobile Web app. The mobile web app offers you an optimal interface for mobile phones and tablets. With the workflow software CWA SmartProcess you have flexible access to your business processes. Mobile and in the office you have a comfortable access.

Automate your processes! Simple. Quick.

Workflow-Management with the Workflow Software CWA SmartProcess

CWA SmartProcess supports you to improve your business processes. With the workflow software CWA SmartProcess you can easily automate manual processes. You can model and define input masks in the workflow software without programming knowledge. Business users can thus quickly and easily cover their requirements.

When introducing the workflow software CWA SmartProcess, the business process is modeled at the beginning. You can use existing sample workflows that quickly cover your process with small changes. On the other hand, you can also freely define a workflow completely according to your requirements. In general, the process flow and the input masks in the BPM software and workflow software are defined for a workflow.

The big advantage of the BPM software and workflow software CWA SmartProcess is that the workflow guides the user through the process processing. For example, if the end user enters an approval request or a task, the next step is always displayed to the user. This allows the user to intuitively follow the central theme during processing.

The automated control of processes in the workflow software has many advantages. The throughput times are improved and employees are relieved. Especially the central overview of all processes and tasks increases transparency in the company. Structured processing of operations, tasks and releases increases productivity.

The modeling is performed with the core symbols of the BPMN notation. You can model serial and parallel workflows. It should be emphasized that the modeling is carried out directly in the web browser.