Workflow template

Supplier qualification

With the Supplier Qualification workflow, you simplify and structure the intake of suppliers. Gain a high level of transparency by capturing supplier data digitally and releasing suppliers as a workflow.

Supplier qualification software

With the supplier qualification workflow template you get a flexible supplier qualification software. You can create the supplier and digitally send a form to the supplier. The supplier simply enters his data in the form. You have an overview of the supplier’s data and status at all times. SmartProcess supports you with the workflow for entering the supplier data. In the supplier qualification software, you qualify the suppliers via a structured process.

Practical functions

  • Entering supplier data via workflow.
  • Suppliers enter their data directly via an Internet form.
  • Alternatively, data can also be entered by e-mail.
  • Digital exchange with the supplier.
  • Suppliers are released via the workflow.
  • All supplier data can be evaluated via reporting.
  • Workflow-controlled supplier qualification software.
  • The input fields for the forms can be defined flexibly.