Easy Risk Management and
Action Management

Risk Management Software CWA SmartProcess

Holistic risk management offers the opportunity to improve processes and reduce risks. CWA SmartProcess enables workflow-driven risk management to achieve legal compliance and reduce and monitor business risks. The risk management software contains a sample workflow with which you can immediately make optimum use of the risk software in compliance with standards.

Risikomanagement CWA SmartProcess

Clear task lists in the risk software

The clear task list provides a quick and easy overview of all risks. The user sees the risks in the company according to his user rights. You always have a transparent overview of all risks. The measures can be distributed flexibly to those responsible.

Automate risk management as a workflow

CWA SmartProcess enables risk management workflow control. This enables you to map and model your risk process in the risk software. The input masks are freely definable. Sample risk management workflows are available for an easy and quick start. The workflow enables efficient processes with clear responsibilities and deadlines.

Workflow-Designer im Risikomanagement
Risikomanagement Software Vorgang CWA

Identify risks

Risks can be easily and intuitively recorded in the risk management software. The identified risks are drawn up on the basis of a risk catalogue and included in the company’s risk inventory. The risk catalogue enables categorisation according to risk types, assessments and processes and provides a transparent overview of relevant risks.

Assessing risks

The risks are to be evaluated by the possible effects and probabilities of occurrence in the risk management software. The risk class is displayed automatically. You can also define other criteria for determining the risk class flexibly.
The risk strategy (avoidance, reduction, transfer, acceptance) is defined during the evaluation and whether measures are necessary. In the risk software, an appointment with escalation function can also be set when a revaluation should take place.

Risikomanagement Software Bewertung CWA
Risikomanagement Software Maßnahmen CWA

Managing measures

The measures are to be controlled interactively as a workflow in the risk management software. The individual processing steps are displayed interactively via the workflow. The risk software reminds the user when a deadline is exceeded. By controlling measures, a reliable reduction of risks is made possible.

Risk monitoring and reporting

Intelligent evaluations and analyses offer the opportunity to recognize risks early and to constantly improve processes. The risk management software CWA SmartProcess has extensive evaluations. In the CWA SmartProcess you can create completely individual standard reports with a Report Designer based on MS Excel and call them up in the CWA SmartProcess. For early detection, the current assessments of risks from risk monitoring are displayed.

Reporting in der Risikomanagement-Software CWA Flow

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  • Web-based software for risk management
  • identification of risks by risk catalog
  • Risk analysis and evaluation
  • Automatic determination of the risk class
  • Workflow control of measures
  • Workflow control of measures
  • Central overview of all risks
  • Free design of workflows and input masks
  • Administration of attachments and images
  • Import of data from other systems
  • Transparent status tracking in risk software
  • Deadline monitoring of tasks
  • Professional escalation management
  • Reports and analyses for improvements
  • Individual standard reports
  • Individual standard reports
  • Risk matrix
  • Supports ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 3100
  • Supports KonTraG (Law on Control and Transparency)