Transparent display and
planning of qualifications

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Skill Management Software CWA SmartProcess

With the skill management software CWA SmartProcess you plan and monitor the qualifications for employees and roles. You always have an overview of existing and required skills and qualifications. The system supports you in securing the necessary skills and qualifications for your processes.

In addition to managing skills and qualifications, CWA SmartProcess offers the advantage that employees can create training requests and forward them as a workflow for approval. It is also very easy to manage training courses. The qualification management and training management is optimally covered in the qualification management software.

Easily manage qualifications

The skills are transparently visible in a table and skills matrix. Qualifications can be transferred directly from a course. In skill management software, qualifications from a process role are synchronized directly with an employee’s qualification profile. The skills and qualifications required to execute a process are controlled automatically.

Practical functions

  • Fully web-based software
  • Capturing and managing skills and qualifications per role and employee
  • Display the required skills in a qualifications matrix
  • Planning of target qualifications and skills per role and process
  • Display of the assigned processes and documents as target qualification
  • Transfer of target qualifications per employee from his or her roles
  • Control of skills and releases as workflow
  • Add individual qualifications per employee
  • Automatic transfer of qualifications from a training course
  • Management and import of skills management catalogs
  • Cyclic reminders for qualifications, certificates and instructions
  • Comprehensive evaluations and search for suitable experts
  • Masks and fields are to be designed flexibly
  • Management of training catalogues
  • Integrated access to the Process Management module
  • Planning of trainings in the skill management software
  • Invite course participants
  • Feedback form and knowledge inquiry
  • Integrated workflow control of training requests

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