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QMS software SmartProcess (Quality Management System Software)

As an innovative QMS software, SmartProcess offers functions for process management, quality management, complaints management and workflow management. With the quality management software SmartProcess you can model processes and easily publish them for employees. The QMS software offers complete document management. You can perform audits with the quality management software and achieve improvements with actions. With the workflow functions of the QMS software you have the possibility to arrange the processing of operations such as complaints and actions flexibly and to automate processes. SmartProcess supports you in covering various standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. For ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, we offer practice-oriented examples or sample processes.

Quality Management Software SmartProcess at a glance

Modeling processes and creating process descriptions

Model processes with the BPMN notation and describe them with all important information

Create documents and publish them with an approval workflow

Easily manage, version and control documents with an approval workflow

QMS applications such as audit and complaints with workflow functions

Standard workflows such as audit, measures, CAPA, complaints, test equipment and individual workflows

Manage qualifications and plan and conduct training

Transparent qualification matrix and controlled training planning and implementation


Transparent process maps

In the QMS software SmartProcess you can display your main processes transparently in a process map. The main processes are automatically linked to the underlying processes. In the process maps in the SmartProcess quality management software, interrelationships become visible and the understanding of continuous processes is improved.

Manage and publish documents with an approval workflow

As quality management system software, SmartProcess offers extensive functions for document management. You can easily create documents and edit them directly in the QMS software via Check In / Check Out. SmartProcess includes automatic versioning. You can also control validities and you will be automatically informed when a validity expires. SmartProcess also supports the consistent linking of multilingual documents. You can use the release workflow to release and publish documents in a controlled manner. The documents automatically receive a document number. This ensures the uniqueness of the documents. Personalized, the document user always has quick access to his documents in the QMS software.

Processing complaints as a workflow in the QMS software

Complaints and claims can be processed easily and controlled with the QMS software. You can adapt the complaint process flexibly in the workflow designer and input masks can be defined flexibly. Standard workflows are available for the processing of complaints, which enable rapid deployment. In the QMS software, you can create tasks for complaints. Using the e-mail function, you can send an e-mail to customers or suppliers directly from a complaint. The incoming e-mails from customers and suppliers are automatically assigned to a complaint in the quality management software. SmartProcess also offers extensive evaluation functions for analyses and improvements.

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Workflows offer numerous possibilities in Quality Management Software

With the QMS software SmartProcess you can flexibly automate today’s manual processes. You can carry out processes and approval procedures such as requirement notifications or training requests online as a workflow and always have a transparent overview of all processing statuses. The input masks and workflows can be flexibly defined in the quality management system software.

The workflow functions enable the automation of many business processes.

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