Suitable functions and licenses for the individual roles

The division of licenses into viewer, editor and designer offers you simple and transparent pricing.

Cloud solution with certified data center in Germany or USA

SmartProcess uses one of the most secure cloud infrastructures. The application is hosted in a certified data center in Frankfurt (Germany). For customers from the USA, the application is hosted in Ohio (USA). SmartProcess supports SAML and MS Azure for Single Sign On.

Workflow applications

An editor or designer license is required to use the workflow applications. The workflow applications are preconfigured standard workflows that you can quickly use as proven applications. The applications can be purchased per company. There is no licensing per user.

Complaint Management

Control complaints and claims  as a workflow.

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Audit Management

Planning and carrying out audits and creating measures

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Action Management

Control tasks as a workflow. Already included in the licenses.

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Skill Management

Manage qualifications and training with qualification matrix.

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Risk Management

Evaluate risks and manage measures with a risk matrix.

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Execution of the Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)

Test Equipment Management

Management of test equipment and operating resources with schedule control.

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Additional modules and sample processes

The additional modules and sample processes can be purchased per company. There is no licensing per user.

Additive module AD / SSO

  • Users can be synchronized with MS Active Directory (AD) or MS Azure AD.
  • SSO is possible with an on-premises solution using a domain controller.
  • Authentication or SSO is possible with a cloud solution via MS Azure.

Other additional modules

  • Word Report Designer for individual printouts and reports in MS Word for templates
  • Excel Report Designer for individual Excel reports
  • Gantt chart for audit and project management
  • Audit trail for the life sciences sector

Sample processes

  • Sample processes ISO 9001
  • Sample processes ISO 14001
  • Sample processes ISO 45001