Create FMEAs easily and control measures

With SmartProcess, you can capture potential failures and create and assign actions as a workflow.

FMEA software CWA Flow processing

Simple and structured FMEA processing

FMEA processing takes place directly in the web browser. The FMEA software CWA SmartProcess is easy to use. The FMEA elements such as system elements, functions, failure sequences, defects and actions are easy to enter in a table with tree structure.

Continuous improvements

CWA SmartProcess offers the advantage that you receive an integrated FMEA software that uses a central database in quality management. Thus, the same defect catalog is used for FMEA and complaint management. In case of relevant and new complaints, the person responsible for FMEA automatically receives a message to update the FMEA and initiate improvement measures. The FMEA software CWA SmartProcess actively supports continuous improvement and risk reduction.

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Practical functions

  • Web-based FMEA software
  • Supports product and process FMEAs
  • Capture of FMEA data
  • Masks and fields freely definable
  • Standard catalogs for FMEA data
  • Integrated access to QM modules such as complaint management and process management
  • In case of relevant complaints and defects, the FMEA responsible is automatically informed
  • Linking of FMEA and processes when using the process management module
  • Workflow control of actions
  • Deadline tracking of measures
  • Determination of risk priority numbers (RPN)
  • Creation of form sheets
  • Form sheets are customizable
  • Extensive evaluations in the FMEA software