CAPA – Systematically process corrective and preventive actions as a workflow

SmartProcess helps you centrally process and control corrective and preventive actions to achieve sustainable improvements.


Guided workflow control for the processing of CAPA

The standard workflow for CAPA is prepared for immediate use. The workflow controls the user by recording an error or deviation and supports the creation of corrective and preventive actions, which can be easily forwarded to the responsible person.

If required, the workflow can be customized with the process designer. And the input forms can also be flexibly adapted to your needs.


Clearly arranged list of activities

In the activity list, all task steps of CAPA are clearly displayed and defined corrective or preventive actions, which have been sent to other users for implementation, can be transparently tracked and monitored. The activity list can be configured flexibly and adjusted to your needs.


Mobile Web App

CAPAs and the resulting tasks and measures can be processed flexibly and mobile. The mobile web app offers you an optimal interface for CAPAs, actions and tasks. You can easily and quickly add a photo to CAPAs or corrective and preventive actions. Mobile and in the office you have an overview of all CAPAs, actions and appointments with the CAPA software.

Extensive reports in the CAPA Software

CWA SmartProcess provides comprehensive reports for CAPA management. It can be evaluated according to any form field and various criteria such as number, processing time and category. In the CAPA software, you can also easily create standard reports and generate them as PDF, for example.


Get to know SmartProcess – without obligation and free of charge


  • Workflow control for the processing of CAPAs in the CAPA software

  • Web-based application and mobile web app for CAPA management

  • Free design of workflows and input masks

  • CAPAs from audits, complaints and freely definable sources

  • Management of attachments, images and videos

  • Import of data from other systems into the CAPA software

  • Transparent status tracking and central overview of all CAPAs

  • Deadline monitoring and escalation management

  • Reports and standard reports for improvements