Edit audits and measures as workflow

With SmartProcess, you can plan and perform audits and directly initiate actions for improvements as a workflow.


Simple processing

In an audit you have all questions at a glance. Checklists are available as a basis. As audit software, CWA SmartProcess offers the possibility to send measures directly to agents as a workflow. The agents can call up the task via a link in the audit software and edit it directly.

  • User-friendly editing of checklists
  • Integrated creation of measures

Mobile Web App

With the mobile web app, you can carry out audits flexibly. Audit questions can be evaluated quickly and easily. Audit findings with text and a photo. The photo is attached directly to the audit question. Actions can also be created directly. The mobile web app provides you with optimal support during the audit process.


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Integrated and flexible solution

CWA SmartProcess offers you the advantage as audit software that you receive an integrated solution with the optional process management module. The flexible definition of input masks and fields enables the coverage of specific requirements such as VDA requirements.
In the audit software you can design your audit report individually and follow the measures optimally with the deadline and escalation management.


  • Fully web-based audit software
  • Support of different types of audits such as system audits, process audits and product audits
  • Masks and fields freely definable
  • Integrated access to the QM and process management modules
  • Creating an audit plan in the audit software
  • Question catalogs can be imported into the audit software, for example for DIN ISO 9001.
  • Administration and import of individual questionnaires in the audit software
  • Evaluation of audit questions according to VDA or individual evaluation rules
  • Integrated workflow control of measures in the audit software
  • Integration of audit measures into a central measure management in the company
  • Deadline monitoring of measures
  • Creation and distribution of audit reports
  • Integrated evaluations in the audit software
  • Mobile Web App