Use of one of the most secure cloud infrastructures


Certified data center in Germany or USA

SmartProcess is hosted at AWS (Amazon Web Services) with the server location in Frankfurt (Germany). For customers from the USA, SmartProcess is hosted at AWS in Ohio (USA).

The AWS cloud infrastructure has been designed according to the latest standards as one of the most secure cloud computing environments. AWS also provides hosting services for large enterprises and healthcare companies with sensitive data.

  • AWS has all relevant certificates
    • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
    • ISO 22301 Safety and resilience
    • ISO 27001 Security Management Controls
    • ISO 27017 Cloud Specific Controls
    • ISO 27018 Personal Data Protection
    • ISO 27701 Data protection information management
    • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is fulfilled
    • Other certificates

Further information at AWS


High availability and easy access

Cloud solution with easy access

  • Easy access via the Internet for end users
  • no own server required
  • no hardware or software purchase
  • flexible scalability of required licenses
  • no resources required for operation
  • also available to partners via the Internet
  • easy access for updates

Single Sign-On and MS Azure AD Integration

SmartProcess supports SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) for authentication (Single Sign-On) of users in the cloud solution. SmartProcess can be configured to use an external identity provider (IdP) to authenticate users using SAML.

Through MS Azure AD, you can synchronize users and users can also log in with MS Azure AD integration with Single Sign-On.